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CSA Questions:

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a seasonal contract between the farmer and the member. You purchase a share of the season’s harvest in advance. Your investment plays a major roll in supporting farmers at the leaner time of the year. CSA’s help pay for the seeds, soil amendments, and tools at the beginning of the farming season, when a majority of the spending happens all at once. In return, we commit to providing you with healthy, locally grown food throughout the growing season. This helps to ensure the longevity of small farms, while also reconnecting people to the land that helps to sustain them.

When does your farm CSA Start? End?

Our Summer CSA starts mid-June and goes till late October. 20 weeks in total. The Winter CSA is soon to follow.

Do you offer Half Shares?

We do not offer half shares currently, but if we have enough people wanting that option, we would love to add it to our list for next year. If you are interested in half shares, please email us and let us know.

Is there a limit to how many shares I can sign up for?

Our garden is on the smaller scale. Due to space being limited, our number of vegetable shares are limited as well. You may sign up for as many shares as your family needs as long as their are shares still available. Once the shares are sold out, that is it. unfortunately we only have so much garden space and time.

What if I miss a week for my CSA pickup?

If you miss a week, please let us know as soon as you can. We can either bring your share to the next farm market pickup, or double your next weeks pickup.

What happens if I go on Vacation?

Please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare. We can either double your next weeks pickup or refund you for that week. You are allowed up to three refunds per year.

Can I sign up for a CSA share midseason?

Signups for CSA seasons only last a limited time. Once the season begins, or shares are sold out, signups are no longer accepted. Market Card CSAs may be purchased mid season, as long as shares are still available.

How do I pay for my CSA share?

CSAs can be purchased during signup times. Payments are due upon signup. No payment plans are offered at this time but may be offered on a later season. If you are interested in having a payment plan option, please feel free to contact us.

Where are the CSA pickup Locations?

**** Due to Coronavirus, we only have Home Delivery Options to keep your family and our family safe. We will delivery your share right to your doorstep and text you as soon as your share is delivered.****
CSAs pickups are during any of our market times. Its as simple as showing up to market, signing your name at the checkout area and picking up your customized share.

Do you deliver?

We offer Home Delivery right to your doorstep. Every week your farmer will deliver you share as well as any extra add-ons you have chosen, straight to your doorstep for a small cost of $5 to cover fuel costs. We deliver to Kent, Muskegan, Ottawa, Ionia, and Montcalm counties. See our Home Delivery page to find out more.

What kind of CSA's do you offer?

At this moment, Endless Meadows offers two different CSA types, a weekly vegetable share and a Market Card CSA. The Vegetable CSA offers Fresh produce every week for a 20-week season. The Market Card share is a credit towards anything in stock at the farmers market. We also offer Monthly Egg CSA's, and Raw Milk Herd Shares.

Can I Gift a CSA membership to somebody?

Gifting a CSA is very possible. In fact, almost half of our CSA shares are gifted from a friend. When you sign up, explain that this is a gift and enter your friends information in the notes section. Ta-da. Super Simple.