Artisan Cheese and Cultured Butter shares now available!

Our Products

Bottled Milk

Fresh from the farm and bottled daily, Delicious Creamline milk is the highlight of our dairy. We carry both COW and GOAT milk, to meet the needs of every family. Have a milk sensitivity? Goat milk is easier to digest and helps those with sensitive tummies. Love cream? Cow milk is loaded with extra cream from heritage breed cows. (you can even make your own cheese or butter at home with a jar of creamline milk)

Each batch is gently pasturized to preserve the beneficial bacteria normally found in farm fresh milk. Milk is quickly cooled to preserve flavor and bottled in our reusable glass bottles. YES! we brought the milkman back as well, to deliver your fresh milk every week. No need to make a special trip just because you forgot the milk. Want flavored milk for the kids? Our bottled milks come in all sizes, and several fun flavors. 

Artisan Soft Cheese

MMMM.....Chevre goat cheese. Or how about your favorite artisan cream cheese to spread on your morning bagel, with many flavors to choose from. Here at Gypsy Valley Creamery, every cheese is special and handmade in small batches. Quality is very important, as well as the "party in your mouth" feeling you get when you take a bite of our soft cheeses and cheese spreads. Made with 100% Gypsy Valley Milk, these cheeses are made with love and care, making sure every batch is carefully crafted to perfection. 

We also offer soft bloomy rind cheeses, from ashed pyramids to house specials. These cheeses are aged ever so slightly to give the ideal burst of flavor to go with your favorite dishes or wine pairings. Whether you want to impress at your family get together, or just curl up for a girls night with a movie and delectable cheese, these softer cheeses are ready to steal the show.

Cheese Curds

Also known as "Squeeky Cheese", Curd lovers are in for a treat. Fresh curds are available year round, and can be shipped nationwide or added to your home delivery every week. We carry a wide array of flavors, from sweet to hot and spicy, and even a special flavor arriving every month. Do you have what it takes to taste them all?

Made with fresh cream, and a pinch of salt for flavor, each and every batch is made, cut and packaged right here on the farm, in our farmstead creamery. Since this is one of our freshest cheeses, you may notice seasonal hints in the flavors like extra nuttiness in the fall to a more floral selection in the spring. And of course, are you ready for that super fresh "squeek" in every bite? What are you waiting for?

Cave Aged Cheese

I'm not talking about cavemen here, but in fact an aging room for the more finer cheeses we've come to know and love. Our "Cheese Cave" is a temperature controlled room that allows cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda, Tomme, Gruyere etc. to mature for a more captivating bite. Some types are aged a mere 30 days, while others may take 10 years to age to perfection. Each wheel of cheese is brushed and turned daily, for optimum rind formation. Once a wheel of cheese has matured, it is time to slice and package, ready to bring to your table....that is, if it makes it home without being eaten in the car. We've had several farmers market customers come back to the booth for a second helping, so they didn't have to explain to their wives why the cheese never made it home.

Check out our selection to see which one becomes your favorite.

Cultured Butter

An Artisan form of butter, sometimes referred to as a "European Style Butter" that combines specific cultures to form a more flavorful addition to any meal. While making this style of butter, cultures are added to the cream (just like when yogurt is made) resulting in a fuller, more acidic flavor when churned. Adding the pizzazz, or better yet, flavor explosion brings any dish to a whole new level, and satisfies even the pickiest of palates. Comes in several sizes and flavors, as well as restaurant style dollops for cooking vegetables or meats. 

Every batch is made with precision and care, hand formed with butter paddles (an ancient technique that smooths the cultured butter into shape) and allowed to cool for at least 24 hours.  


Our Cultured Buttermilk is a distinct addition to any recipe. Made with our cultured butters, these are sure to add an exquisite flavor to any dish. Use in your very own homemade buttermilk dressings, or to bring your baked goods to the next level. These add that nice fluff to pancakes, or make a great addition to any dessert. 

Many of our customers love to use this in mashed potatoes (Just be warned, in doing so, you may be expected to bring mashed potatoes to every family holiday. Don't say I didn't warn you)


Whether adding it to your morning coffee, or using it in your favorite recipes, our cream captivates those that try it. With its rich creamy texture, made from small heritage breed cows, you are sure to notice the difference. (Don't let your husband know you have this, as he might sneak some into his morning bowl of cereal or oatmeal to add that extra flavor.)

Handcrafted in small batches and bottled in our on-farm creamery, these beauties are ready to add to any dish. I have also been told by several mothers, it makes the best macaroni and cheese dish, topped with bacon bits. Or, if you want to try something new, you can take some cream and have the kids shake it in an enclosed canning jar. After about 15-20 minutes of shaking, you have your very own homemade butter and buttermilk. Add a pinch of salt, and Wah-Lah. A perfect project to do for anybody interested in dairy. 

Raw Milk Herdshares

With the benefits of raw milk starting to be more well known, raw milk is in demand. But how do you come by it? In Michigan, Raw Milk Herd shares are the only legal way to obtain raw milk. Its a bit of a different concept but very do-able. Basically, you buy in to a share of the dairy herd (its like buying your very own cow), and instead of having to do all the hard work of taking care of that cow, milking, feeding, and first aid, you pay monthly for the farmer to do all that work for you. In return, you get raw milk from your share of the herd. You then get your milk, fresh and bottled, on a weekly basis.

Other Farm Shares

Farm Memberships come in all shapes and sizes. At Gypsy Valley Creamery, you can choose from Raw Milk Herdshares, Vegetable CSA's, Medicinal Herbs, Cheese shares, Butter and Cream, and even our new Curd-A-Palooza. 

Other Subscriptions on the farm include things like homesteading and canning courses (coming soon), Veggie University (to learn how to make the most of your Garden vegetables year round), Market Cards, Home Delivery Subscriptions and more. Check out all of the Farm Share options today. 

Farm Fresh Eggs

Grab a dozen or two of freshly gathered chicken eggs. Every morning, the chickens are fed a variety of fresh vegetables, yogurts, chicken treats, free choice minerals, and scratch grains. We raise a variety of breeds that lay different colored eggs to produce our famous "Rainbow Dozens". You may get colors such as white, brown, blue, green, freckled, light pink, dark copper brown and olive tone. (Don't worry, these are all normal colors and does not change the taste of the eggs. Each color is laid by a certain breed of chicken). Farm fresh eggs tend to have a deep orange colored yolk that resembles a small basketball, and the shells are harder to crack due to all the nutrients the chickens obtain. These are Healthy chickens providing a Healthy Breakfast for your family and mine. 

We also carry quail eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs depending on the season. 

Garden Veggies

Every year, a garden is grown using Organic and Heritage seed, hard work and hand tools. The farmers weed and maintain the garden and share the harvest with our CSA members. Over 130 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit are tended to each year. Everything is grown without GMOs, Pesticides, Chemicals or Herbicides. Everything is harvested, hand washed, and ready for your table. Those varieties we cannot grow ourselves are sourced from local Amish and Mennonite farms in the area to help the local community.

We also grow a small variety of vegetables in our Aquaponics greenhouse as an experiment to see what will grow and how it will grow. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to watch how this small greenhouse project does. Do you think it will succeed? What veggies will we try to grow next?

Medicinal Herbs


                  "Let Food be thy Medicine, and thy Medicine be thy Food" - Hippocrates 

Farmer Piper is a clinical herbalist and works with the animals to give a more holistic approach to healing. Not only are medicinal herbs used for helping the animals on the farm, but these same herbs are grown and harvested to help others that may want a more natural alternative to supporting their bodies. Multiple varieties of medicinal herbs are grown, harvested and cured on the farm with options to buy bulk dry herbs, tinctures, salves and more. Herbal CSAs are also available to help supply some alternatives for your own home apothecary. 

Sample Bundles


Not sure what kind of cheeses you may like, or want a nice sampler box as a gift? We've got you covered. Gypsy Valley Creamery offers several different cheese and dairy sampler bundles. From our well known Cheeses, to a Cheese Curd-a-Palooza tray, there's bound to be something for everyone. Each bundle has its own "theme", and there are many for those that want to try products like cream, cultured butters and more. 

If you are interested in the Raw Milk Herd shares and have never tried raw milk before, please sign up for our free sample herd share kit, and agree to the statement provided. 

Shipped Items Only

Not everybody lives close to the farm.....and that's okay. It all started with a family friend moving across the country to show us that we needed to allow shipping for as many of our products as possible. We want to share the harvest with those that want to enjoy good food. Everybody deserves a chance at quality farm fresh food no matter where they may reside. Whether living in another state, or wanting to share with a long distance family member, we have started shipping things like cheeses, butters, candies, merchandise and more. As the farm grows, so will the selections of shipped items. What will you find this season?