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Become a Herdshare Member and have fresh milk every week.

What the heck is a herdshare?

A herdshare is an agreement between you and your farmer. You buy a share in the herd and pay the farmer for services.

In the state of Michigan, it is essentially illegal to sell raw milk by the gallon, However, it is legal to buy into a herd share. If you wish to drink raw milk, you must first buy a share of the farmers herd and sign a contract. Once you have bought into the herd, you can now legally obtain raw milk from your farmer, with monthly fees being accounted for as boarding, feeding, milking, bottling and caring for your part of the herd.

Basically, buying a herd share is like buying a cow and hiring the farmer to milk her

and do all the hard work, so you don't have to.

How much is a herdshare?

We offer both Cow and Goat Milk Herdshares so that you get the choice you deserve. Lactose intolerant? Try goat milk (tastes like 2% milk). Want Whole creamy cows milk? We have that too. Keep in mind, You can purchase as many shares as your family desire.

Milk is delivered consistently every week all year round.

Cow Milk

It’s a one-time buy-in cost of $50 to own 1 share; it’s $25 to own 1/2 share

1 share = $40/month (1 gallon per week)

1/2 share = $25/month (1/2 gallon per week)

Goat Milk

It’s a one-time buy-in cost of $50 to own 1 share

1 share = $40/month (1/2 gallon per week)

Why Sign Up?

First and foremost, raw milk is delicious! We offer Both Cow and Goat Milk shares to give you the options you deserve. Both kinds of milk are sweet and creamy, so its up to you which one you will choose.

We raise our goats and cows on pasture, which creates a healthy, delicious, and more digestible milk. Our animals are a small herd of diverse and heritage breeds, eating a diet of non-GMO feed, Alfalfa hay/pellets, herbs, minerals, and lush pasture grasses. Our herd is small, giving the farmer the ability to give each animal the care and love that they need. 

How does Goats Milk taste?

If you're still on the fence, don't worry. Goats milk is Delicious! The taste is very similar to 2% milk with a slight hint of sweetness. We could all use a little sweet in our life every now and then, don't you think? You should try some in your morning coffee.

Where do you Deliver?

Ditch the morning routine, let the kids sleep in and stay in your pajamas if you would like, we have you covered! No more leaving the comforts of your own home just to get a gallon of milk. The farmer will bring the milk for you every week. It's like having your very own milk man (or woman) just like the good ol' days.

Raw milk herdshares are delivered for a small fee of $5 per week to cover fuel costs. ($10 per week for those in red highlighted areas and $15 per week for those in the yellow highlighted areas)

Not sure if we deliver to your area? or you would like us to start delivery to your town, feel free to contact us by email, phone or text.

What happens if I am out of town?

You can ask a friend to pick it up and enjoy it, or you may send us an email at least 3 days before the scheduled delivery. We’ll skip your delivery and you can double up your milk shares at a later delivery (hello, homemade ice cream!). All we ask is that you let us know ahead of time and we will be more than happy to help you out. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the delicious milk in your share!

Are you Ready to provide Raw Milk for Your Family?