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Goat Milk Share

Goat Milk Share

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Are you ready to drink Real Milk?

Fresh Goats Milk is delicious! So delicious in fact, you may not even want to buy milk from the store anymore. Not sure how herdshares work? Click here to find out. 

Add whole creamy milk to your coffee, your morning cereal, and even make cheese at home. Did you know you have great cheese making abilities waiting to surface. Put on your chef hat and get ready to show the kids how cool you really are!

- Safe, Tasty and Lab Tested every month to ensure safe, healthy milk.

- Milk comes from happy goats, pampered by our kids, living on lush pastures. Did you know goats love to play on playgrounds too?

- Delivered to your doorstep, in glass bottles. Get your very own milk man today!

*Full Share Price includes one-time herd buy in fee of $50 and first months herd share cost of $40. You will be billed monthly after your first delivery at $40 per month.